Ostomy issues – managing your pouching system

There are many ways to help you manage your pouching system. From when to change your pouch to getting the best adhesion of your skin barrier. Here are tips to consider.

How often a person needs to change his or her pouching system depends on the type of system. Many pouching systems can be worn for 3 to 7 days. Some pouching systems are made to be changed every day. However, a person should change the barrier as soon as stool starts to go underneath it and onto the skin.

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The length of time the barrier stays sealed to the skin depends on many things:

  • How well the barrier fits
  • The condition of the skin around the stoma
  • The person’s level of physical activity
  • The shape of the body around the stoma

When changing a pouch system, the person should:

  • Wipe away any mucus on the stoma
  • Clean the skin around the stoma with warm water and a washcloth
  • Rinse the skin thoroughly
  • Dry the skin completely

If using a mild soap to clean the skin, the soap should not have oils, perfumes, or deodorants, which may cause skin problems or can keep the skin barrier from sticking.

A pouch that is too full may start to pull away from your skin. Empty or change your pouch when it is 1/3 full.

Before applying a new pouch, you will need to wash away any oil from adhesive removers that are used to remove the skin barrier, tape, and sticky residue.

  • Skin sealants are available in the form of sprays, wipes, roll on, and gels.
  • A sealant may help by adding a protective coating on the skin if your skin is sensitive to adhesives.
  • Some people who have dry or oily skin find that their pouching system sticks better when they use a skin sealant.
  • Most skin sealants contain alcohol. If the skin has an open area, the sealant will cause a burning sensation when applied. Alcohol-free (non-sting) skin sealants are available.
  • Make sure the skin sealant dries completely before putting the pouching system on your skin.

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