Ostomy issues – gas & odor

Managing gas and odor with your ostomy.

Certain foods may create excessive gas and odor. To decrease gas during the immediate post-operative period, avoid carbonated beverages, sipping through a straw, smoking, gas-producing foods, and skipping meals.

  • Detectable odor is only anticipated when emptying or changing the pouch. If odor is noticed when not emptying or changing the pouch, the adhesive seal or closure is compromised.
  • Pouches with filters allow excessive gas to exit the pouch without odor.
  • Talk to your healthcare professional about using pouches with charcoal filters. A charcoal filter allows odor to be filtered out of the pouch along with gas.
  • A liquid odor eliminator can also be used in the pouch to decrease odor.

A filter is a feature available on some pouches which allows gas to escape from the pouch. Filters may be integrated in the pouch during manufacturing or purchased separately and added to the pouch.

  • Drainable pouches with an opening at the bottom have a clamp or integrated closure to keep the pouch closed until it istime to empty. These are available with and without filter for gas release.
  • Closed End pouches, without an opening or clamp are also available with and without filters for gas release.

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