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Coude Tip & Olive Tip Catheters

Cure Catheter<sup>®</sup>, fire polished  coude straight hydrophilicCure Catheter®

The Cure Catheter® is not made with DEHP, BPA or Natural Rubber Latex. These sterile, single-use catheter feature polished eyelets on a straight or coude tip. It is offered in male, female, and pediatric lengths. Most male styles are offered uncoated and with a hydrophilic coating. In addition, the package for most styles features unique, dual openings for increased ease of use.

Note: The letter H in the item number denotes a catheter with a hydrophilic coating


Item NumberFrench SizeLengthtipqty
M101016 "Straight Tip30/box
M10C1016 "Coude Tip30/box
F10106 "Straight Tip30/box
P101010 "Straight Tip30/box
M121216 "Straight Tip30/box
M12C1216 "Coude Tip30/box
HM121216 "Straight Tip30/box
HM12C1216 "Coude Tip30/box
F12126 "Straight Tip30/box
P121210 "Straight Tip30/box
M141416 "Straight Tip30/box
M14C1416 "Coude Tip30/box
HM141416 "Straight Tip30/box
HM14C1416 "Coude Tip30/box
F14146 "Straight Tip30/box
F14NC146 "Straight Tip30/box
P141410 "Straight Tip30/box
M161616 "Straight Tip30/box
M16C1616 "Coude Tip30/box
HM161616 "Straight Tip30/box
HM16C1616 "Coude Tip30/box
F16166 "Straight Tip30/box
M181816 "Straight Tip30/box
M18C1816 "Coude Tip30/box
F18186 "Straight Tip30/box
M8816 "Straight Tip30/box
F886 "Straight Tip30/box
P8810 "Straight Tip30/box

EasyCath<sup>™</sup> Intermittent Catheters,  straight coudeEasyCath Intermittent Catheters

The EasyCath Intermittent Catheters feature smooth, polished Soft-Eye Technology and a gently tapered tip for a more comfortable insertion. The clear PVC material helps to eliminate any concerns of latex allergies. A full line of Straight Tip, Coude Tip, and Female lengths are available.


Item NumberFrench SizeLengthtipqtypackaging
EC10010 Fr11 "Straight50/caseStraight
EC10310 Fr11 "Coude50/caseStraight
EC10510 Fr7 "Straight50/case
EC12012 Fr16 "Straight50/caseCurved
EC12112 Fr16 "Straight50/caseStraight
EC12312 Fr16 "Coude50/caseCurved
EC12512 Fr7 "Straight50/case
EC12912 Fr16 "Coude50/caseStraight
EC14014 Fr16 "Straight50/caseCurved
ECS140-Soft14 Fr16 "Straight50/caseCurved
EC14114?Fr16 "Straight50/caseStraight
EC14314 Fr16 "Coude50/caseCurved
EC14414 Fr7 "Straight50/case
EC14514 Fr7 "Straight50/case
EC14914 Fr16 "Coude50/caseStraight
EC16016 Fr16 "Straight50/caseCurved
EC16116 Fr16 "Straight50/caseStraight
EC16316 Fr16 "Coude50/caseCurved
EC16516 Fr7 "Straight50/case
EC0606 Fr11 "Straight50/caseStraight
EC0656 Fr7 "Straight50/case
EC0808 Fr11 "Straight50/caseStraight
EC0858 Fr7 "Straight50/case

EasyCath<sup>™</sup> Intermittent Catheter Kits,  straight coude closed systemEasyCath Intermittent Catheter Kits

The full line of EasyCath Intermittent Catheter Kits gives the convenience of a small, discrete system while maintaining complete sterility at home or on the go. The compact kit includes a single, sterile PVC catheter-Standard, Coude , or Female styles with gloves (not made with natural rubber latex), lubricant, antiseptic skin prep, underpad, metered urine collection bag, and a refuse bag.


Item NumberFrench Sizetipqty
ECK10010 FrStraight50/case
ECK10310 FrCoude50/case
ECK10510 FrStraight50/case
ECK12012 FrStraight50/case
ECK12312 FrCoude50/case
ECK12512 FrStraight50/case
ECK14014 FrStraight50/case
ECK14314 FrCoude50/case
ECK14514 FrStraight50/case
ECK16016 FrStraight50/case
ECK16416 FrCoude50/case
ECK16516 FrStraight50/case
ECK0606 FrStraight50/case
ECK0656 FrStraight50/case
ECK0808 FrStraight50/case
ECK0858 FrStraight50/case

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