External Female Catheter

The PureWickTM FEC solution has shown an ability to
consistently capture and take away 95% or more of urine without entering or attaching to the body.

Benefits for Hospitals using PureWickTM FEC

The PureWickTM FEC is designed to help facilitate early indwelling catheter removal and may thereby help reduce the risk of catheter associated UTI.

Benefits for PureWickTM FEC Users at Home

The PureWickTM FEC, when used with wall suction that provides low pressure vacuum, is designed to wick urine away from the patient through soft material on the patient-facing side of the wick.

Works where cups, funnels and bags fail

  • Works while lying on her back, her side or seated
  • Glue, tape and straps are not needed
  • Urine is not stored close to the body

Finally, a Female External Catheter

For use in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, assisted living and residential home care.

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