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Liberator Medical prides itself on its reputation for excellence in ostomy. All of our Ostomy Specialists are manufacturer-trained to provide you service that goes above and beyond.

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1-Piece Pouch: Drainable & Non-Drainable

  • Designed to be discreet, reliable and comfortable
  • Pre-cut or cut-to-fit
  • Available with a filter to help reduce incidence of ballooning

2-Piece Pouch: Drainable & Non-Drainable

  • Designed to be discreet, reliable and comfortable
  • Cloth-like material is flexible and skin-friendly
  • Pre-cut or cut-to-fit
  • Available with or without a filter

Barriers - Cut-to-fit

  • Protects the skin from ostomy pouch waste
  • The pouch can be removed separately from the barrier, allowing the pouch to be changed more frequently

Barriers - Pre-cut & Moldable

  • Flexible tape collar
  • Protects skin against irritating output.
  • Available as accordion with or without convexity
  • Moldable Technology - Can be molded to create a snug fit to your unique stoma size and shape

Barrier Strips

  • Flexible to move with you
  • A skin-friendly alternative to tape
  • Designed to prevent the edges of your barrier from lifting and keeps your barrier securely in place
  • Available in sizes that fit any barrier shape or body profile

Irrigation Sleeve

  • Disposable
  • Adhesive-backed
  • Irrigation creates security and freedom for those with a sigmoid colostomy, enabling regular, controlled output


  • Can be molded to a variety of shapes to help prevent leakage around the stoma by acting as a filler for uneven skin surfaces
  • Designed to help you have less leaks and healthier skin

Pouch Clamps

  • Plastic, molded closure to seal the bottom of a drainable ostomy pouch that does not have an integrated closure
  • Hinged design is secure, easy to use and easy to clean

Odor-Absorbing Tablets, Plus Deodorizer

  • Promotes healthier peristomal skin
  • Solidifies liquid waste into a gel
  • Reduces pouch noise
  • Helps reduce occurence of leaks
  • Provides peace of mind

Deodorant / Wipes / Powder

  • Deodorant: Provides hours of odor protection
  • Adhesive Remover Wipes: Soothing, fast drying liquid dissolves and removes adhesive residue
  • No Sting Wipes: Provides effective protection between skin and appliance
  • Powder: Absorbs moisture to help achieve better appliance adhesion

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Liberator Medical Supply, Inc. has been Bringing Better Healthcare Home to You since 1999. We are a national direct-to-consumer provider of sterile intermittent catheters and urological supplies, ostomy supplies, diabetes testing supplies as well as mastectomy bras and breast prostheses.

Liberator Medical received provider accreditation from The Joint Commission, a national accreditation organization authorized by the federal government's centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


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