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Why work with us

The Liberator™ Fashions staff has teamed up with the manufacturers of mastectomy and lumpectomy bras, breast forms and accessories, including Amoena and American Breast Care, to offer a variety of mastectomy fashions for 2020.

  • Your patient will have their own manufacturer-trained Fitter to graciously guide them through their selection, over the phone.

  • Our Fitters have specialized knowledge and are trained to help your patient with sizing, measuring, cup size, shape, contour, color, fabric, texture, frame fit, shoulder strap comfort, wear time, or any other questions they may have.

  • These items will be shipped directly to your patient’s home.

  • We accept Medicare, Medicaid and insurance orders, as well as other forms of payment.

  • Prescription order form

    Download and complete this form to request supplies for your patient. The form includes instructions as well as our phone and fax numbers.

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    Once completed, email to:

Insurance information for billing

Insurance providers are starting to require side-specific surgical diagnoses for the patient’s mastectomy supplies.

  • This will need to be supported within the patient’s medical record.

If the patient were to require a different size of product because of patient weight-loss prior to being eligible for new supplies, this weight loss will also need to be documented within the patient’s medical record.

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