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Mastectomy clothing, Mastectomy Fashions Catalog

Mastectomy Bras & Post Mastectomy Fashions

Liberator Medical is America's largest Medicare provider of "direct-to-you" mastectomy bras and post-mastectomy fashions. We not only deliver your post-mastectomy fashions and accessories to your home with FREE shipping, but we'll also handle all of your paperwork and billing to make your post-mastectomy fashion experience absolutely hassle-free.

We provide you with the newest styles and form-fitting fashions rather than insurance claim forms to fill out.

As an Accredited Medicare and insurance provider, Liberator Medical has helped thousands of women qualify for their mastectomy bras and mastectomy breast forms for little or no up-front cost.*

Mastectomy clothing, Mastectomy Fashions Catalog

We carry America's top-quality post-mastectomy fashions brands, including Nearly Me, Classique, Amoena, Trulife, Jodee, and American Breast Care (ABC). Our newest 67-page mastectomy fashions catalog provides color photos and detailed descriptions of our broad selection of America's leading brands of mastectomy bras, post-mastectomy fashions, breast prosthetics, and other post-mastectomy accessories. You'll find products designed for every type of mastectomy or lumpectomy procedure, every body type, every woman.

After surgery, a fitting by a trained fitter is recommended. As a Liberator Medical customer, you'll have your own certified mastectomy fashion fitters to help you find the mastectomy bras and breast forms that are right for you. Our highly experienced fitters will leave you feeling comfortable, confident, and with the best fashions to complement your natural beauty. And, Liberator Medical will deliver your fitting experience and supplies, all with our underlying commitment to convenience.

For more than a decade, Liberator Medical has been bringing better healthcare home to America with innovative products and personal service and support. If you've had a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery recently, or if your present mastectomy fashions retailer is just acceptable, consider shopping with Liberator Fashions and enjoy a truly exceptional and supportive experience.

Call us toll-free today and learn how to get mastectomy bras, breast forms, or other post-mastectomy fashions for little or no up-front cost* 1-866-643-1904.

*Co-payments, deductibles, and conditions apply.


*Co-payments, deductibles and conditions apply.