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Mastectomy Breast Forms

Mastectomy clothing, Mastectomy Fashions Catalog

Liberator Medical carries top-quality breast forms and mastectomy fashions to help you feel comfortable and confident. If you're unsure about which breast form is right for you, call now and one of our Liberator Fashions Certified Fitters will be happy to help!

breast forms mastectomy
A. Symmetrical Triangular-shaped breast forms can be worn on either the left or right side. These breast prosthetic bra shapes are designed to suit most contemporary, modified radical surgical techniques, where less breast tissue is removed.
breast forms mastectomy
B. Symmetrical Teardrop or Pear-shaped breast forms are suitable for women whose surgeries remove some tissue under the arm or toward the upper part of the breastbone, toward the collarbone. The teardrop has an extension that can be angled for the best fit. Teardrop breast forms can also be worn on either the left or right side of the body.
breast forms mastectomy
C. Symmetrical Heart-shaped breast prosthetic forms fill the cup without unnecessary bulk when no tissue near the armpit has been removed in surgery.
breast forms mastectomy
D. Asymmetrical breast form shapes reach under the arm to help balance every area that has been affected by a more radical surgery. Underarm extensions fill and blend where surgery has removed substantial tissue.


Liberator Fashions is one of America's largest Medicare providers of mastectomy fashions and post-mastectomy breast forms. We're as committed to your convenience as we are to your comfort, and will deliver your order directly to your home with FREE shipping. As an Accredited Medicare Provider, we're authorized to accept reimbursement for you and can even handle all of your paperwork and billing with no upfront costs!

In general, if your Medicare deductible has been met, Medicare will reimburse 80% of:

  • One silicone breast form, or two forms for bilateral mastectomies, every two years
  • One leisure breast form, or two forms for bilateral mastectomies, every six months
  • One nipple or two for bilateral mastectomies every three months
  • Bra quantities are based on medical necessity
  • Post-operative garments quantities are based on medical necessity

Mastectomy clothing, Mastectomy Fashions Catalog

The remaining 20% that Medicare does not reimburse can be covered fully or in part by secondary insurance coverage.

For additional breast form information or post-mastectomy bras and fashions, view our latest online color catalog. If you have any questions about product orders, billing, or which breast forms are right for you, our experienced Liberator Fashions Certified Fitters are available to help.

Call now for details or any mastectomy fashions assistance - 1-866-642-6171

* If your Medicare deductible has been met.



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