Our Catheter Supply-Care Program Brings Better Urological Healthcare Home to You

Healthcare today can be complex and confusing. It's no longer enough to just provide the basics of service and support. It's about doing more. That's why we believe your urological supplier needs to be your "Best Catheter For You" advocate. At Liberator Medical we will always provide our customers samples of the most recent innovations in catheter technology so you can be assured your using the product that's best for you. Liberator Medical also takes care of all the insurance paperwork and billing, taking the complexity off your hands. That's why we say, "Liberator Medical’ s Commitment To Patient Care & Service Excellence Begins Here".

That's why we created Catheter Supply-Care for you.

Our Catheter Supply-Care Specialists will work with your doctor to create a customized, FREE Sampling Program so you can try other types of catheters, or new product breakthroughs to make sure you're using the most comfortable and best catheter for you. Rest assured, our Catheter Supply-Care Specialists can guide you through all the product options and confidently answer any and all questions you may have. From helpful hints on catheter usage techniques, to travel tips, our experienced staff is there for you. We believe our role is to be a trusted extension of your physician's urological plan of care.

Enrollment provides Empowerment.

By enrolling in our Catheter Supply-Care Program you empower us to support your urological healthcare. We will work closely with your physician to help extend and maintain your urological plan of care at home. We work with Medicare, Medicaid, and your health insurance provider to help maximize your benefits. We handle all the insurance paperwork and billing for you, taking the complexity off your hands and we accept assignment of benefits.

Here's just one example.

Let's say you've been having difficulty getting reimbursement from your health insurance company for your catheter supplies. We'll go the extra mile and set up a conference call with your insurance provider, with you on the line. We'll review your coverage and work with your insurer to help maximize your benefits and get you the reimbursement you deserve.

What separates us from other catheter suppliers are our strict standards of customer care.

We view each of our customers individually and know you have different, specialized wants and needs. Our Catheter-Supply Care Specialists are trained to support these needs and wants in a caring, considerate, helpful, and energetic manner.

Additionally, we have received provider accreditation from The Joint Commission. This is a national accreditation organization authorized by the federal government's centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Start getting the innovative, high quality urological supplies and personalized, compassionate care that you deserve.

We look forward to the opportunity to prove to you that our Catheter Supply-Care Program is the ideal resource for your entire urological healthcare at home.

Liberator Medical Overview

Liberator Medical Supply, Inc. has been Bringing Better Healthcare Home to You since 1999. We are a national direct-to-consumer provider of sterile intermittent catheters and urological supplies, ostomy supplies, diabetes testing supplies as well as mastectomy bras and breast prostheses.

Liberator Medical received provider accreditation from The Joint Commission, a national accreditation organization authorized by the federal government's centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Liberator Medical's Commitment to Customer Care & Service Excellence


  • Access to one of the largest, most complete “on hand” inventories in the U.S.
  • FREE* samples of innovative products from the leading manufacturers so you can be certain you’re using the best products for you and your lifestyle
  • We will never substitute the products you ordered without your consent

Free Service & Support

  • Access to Product Specialists to help you get the best products for your individual needs
  • Customer Support - 24/7 access to the most up-to-date product news and information
  • Online chat with Product Specialists - A fast and discreet way to discuss sensitive issues
  • Access to Physicians - We’ll help you locate a physician if you need to renew your prescription

Insurance & Billing

  • Access to Insurance Specialists - Now you have an ally to help you to maximize your benefits
  • 3-way calls with a Liberator Medical Insurance Specialist, you and your insurer to help you get a full understanding of your insurance coverage
  • We handle all insurance paperwork and billing for you, taking the complexity off your hands
  • We’re in-network with over 3,000 insurance plans, and we're adding additional plans every day

Free** Shipping & Delivery

  • Free** Shipping - Delivered discreetly right to your home or alternate location
  • Advanced Automated Shipping Process - Providing faster and more accurate order delivery
  • Auto-Ship for most Private Insurance Customers

** Free shipping on all Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance orders.


  • Free Re-Order Reminders - Never worry about running out of your medical supplies again
  • 14-Day Supply Packs - This package contains 14 days of supplies. When opening this package last, call us to help ensure you’ll get your next order on time

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