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Male Catheters:


The following are the general types of male catheters used to manage urinary incontinence. If you do not find information regarding the specific male catheter you are looking for or have any additional questions, please call a Catheter Supply-Care Specialist at 1-888-244-0789.

Liberator Medical Catheter Supply-Care provides a wide range of urine catheters and catheter supplies from leading manufacturers you know and trust, including Bard, Astra Tech, Kendall, Cure, Coloplast/Mentor, Hollister, Rochester Medical, and Rusch.

Intermittent Catheters

Male Intermittent urinary catheters are generally 16 inches long and come in French sizes 10Fr-24Fr, although there are 12 inch long catheters as well. They are available in a variety of materials such as plastic, red rubber, vinyl, and silicone. Intermittent catheters (IC) are used in men with urinary retention (incomplete bladder emptying) and in men suffering from spinal cord injuries (paraplegics and quadriplegics).

Intermittent catheters also come in antibacterial and hydrophilic varieties. The antibacterial catheter features a site-specific controlled release of nitrofurazone that significantly reduces urinary tract infections (UTI) associated with catheter use. Nitrofurazone has been found to be effective against common Gram-positive and Gram-negative urinary bacterial pathogens. This specialized coating is known to inhibit bacterial adherence and sustain the integrity of the urethral mucosa. Research has shown no clinically significant nitrofurazone resistance has occurred after over 50 years of use.

Antibacterial hydrophilic combination catheters (or hydrophilic-coated catheters) have a layer of polymer coating bound to the surface of the catheter. The polymer absorbs and binds water to the catheter, producing a thick, smooth, and slippery surface that remains intact upon introduction into the man's urethra and lubricates the urethra in its entire length. Use of hydrophilic catheters has led to increased patient satisfaction with this type of technique and is assumed to reduce the risk of urethral damage by decreasing the friction applied when the catheter is inserted and withdrawn.

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Male External Catheters

The condom catheter, also known as the Texas catheter, is a condom-like device placed over the penis. A drainage tube attached to the condom permits the urine to pass into a urinary catheter bag. There are several types of external condom catheters available some are made from silicone, latex rubber, or polyvinyl and are attached to the shaft of the penis through several different methods. Some men use double-sided adhesive, a jockey's type strap, foam strap, or latex inflatable cuff. Condom catheters are attached to urine drainage bags by a tube. Some male external catheters have a circumferential band that may be too restricting to the shaft of the penis for some.

Reusable condom catheters for men are available for those who are active and have urinary incontinence. These reusable condom catheters are ideal for men who have undergone prostate surgery and are experiencing urinary incontinence, but do not want to use bulky pads or adult diapers.

One of our most highly recommended external condom catheters is Leading Edge Innovations' Gee Whiz® external catheter. The Gee Whiz catheter, which should be replaced daily, allows for greater comfort and freedom than adult diaper products and is proven to be more effective than many other types of external catheters. Unlike many other external male catheters, the Gee Whiz is easy to apply, features a leak-proof seal, and is made of non-irritating silicone to avoid skin reactions or discomfort.

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Indwelling Catheters

A male indwelling urethral catheter, also known as a Foley catheter for men, is a closed, sterile system catheter inserted into the urethra to allow the bladder to drain. The indwelling catheter for men is 16 inches long and is available in French sizes 10Fr-28Fr. Considered to be a unisex catheter, the indwelling urethral catheter is used by women and men with urinary incontinence, caused by obstruction (blockage in the urethra) or urinary retention (incomplete bladder emptying), who are unable to be treated through other methods like sterile intermittent catheterization, medication, or surgery.

Indwelling catheters are also used in sick people when the incontinence interferes with the monitoring of urinary output, in severely impaired or terminally ill men for whom moving is painful, and men with skin irritation or pressure ulcers caused by incontinence. Indwelling urethral catheters are also used when a man is homebound, lives alone, and does not have a family member or a caregiver who is available to help. Indwelling catheters need to be replaced at least every four weeks.

Indwelling catheters come in both hydrophilic and antibacterial varieties. Indwelling catheters are usually attached to urinary catheter bags, overnight bags, or urinary leg bags. An overnight bag is attached to a long tube that is hung over the side of your bed below the level of your catheter so that the urine may flow more easily.

Some indwelling catheters come with a coudé or curved tip that makes it easier to thread the catheter past the male prostate.

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French Catheter Scale Chart

The French catheter scale or "French units" (Fr) is commonly used to measure the outside diameter of needles, catheters and other cylindrical medical instruments.

1 Fr is equivalent to 0.33 mm = .013 inch = 1/77 inch of diameter. Thus, the size in French units is roughly equal to the circumference of the catheter in millimeters.

Liberator Medical is happy to work with your physician and/or insurance company to make sure you receive top-quality urological care and supplies. Contact Liberator Medical or call us directly, toll-free at 1-888-244-0789, with any additional questions about types of male catheters, or to learn more about our Catheter Supply-Care Program*.

*Co-payments, deductibles, and conditions apply.