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Gee Whiz - For Men Suffering from Urinary Incontinence





Urinary Incontinence often forces men to use adult diapers.  Adult diapers can be inconvenient, embarrassing and difficult for you and your caregiver.  Men who find GeeWhiz® to be a great alternative Incontinence Product are those who are hoping for more freedom for themselves and their caregivers.  If you are looking to move away from all of the challenges of adult diapers, such as, embarrassing odor, tell-tell bulging and frequent changes, the GeeWhiz just may be your ideal Incontinence Product.



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The GeeWhiz is Ideal for...


Ideal for those:

  • with Stress, Urge & Overflow Incontinence.

  • at Home

  • at Convalescent facilities:

  • at Extended Care

  • Also meets the Needs of Travelers, Truckers, Pilots Divers, Golfers, Sports Fans & Hunters.


The video below details provides you with complete instructions on using this Extraordinary Incontinence solution, it covers circumsized and uncircumsized application.




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to learn how to get your Gee Whiz External Incontinence Catheter


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