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Urinary catheter insertion - female:

Specific precautions must be taken with catheter insertion. Female anatomy may make it somewhat more difficult to access the urethral meatus. Care must be taken. Sterility is absolutely critical because the risk of infection is already heightened in the genital area of females. Ensure that you use sterile gloves (before opening the sterile packet containing the catheter); keep the field sterile so there is no contamination to the catheter after you remove it from the package and before you insert it into the woman. Cleanse the labia and area around the insertion point, the meatus.

Depending on the sensitivity of the patient, it may be necessary to apply an anesthetic get lubricant either in the urethra or applied topically for surface anesthesia. This will reduce the discomfort that the patient may experience during the procedure.

Insert the catheter gently, passing it through the urethra slowly until it enters the bladder. If the tip becomes contaminated or if it is inadvertently inserted into the vagina, discard it and get a new sterile catheter. Do not use a contaminated catheter on a patient! Once inserted and urine begins to flow, you may collect the specimen. If you are inserting a Foley (catheter that remains in the bladder for a period of time), pass it two more inches so that the balloon is in the bladder before you inflate it with sterile water.

Communication is important during any medical procedure, but in a procedure as intimate and invasive as catheter insertion it is vital. Explain the procedure, allow her to ask questions and keep the lines of communication open throughout the procedure. This will help her remain relaxed, usually making the procedure much easier.

If you’d like more information about Liberator Medical’s Catheter Supply-Care Program*, call us toll-free today at 1-888-244-0789

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Cather CareAttention: Medicare & Insured Parents.

If you're covered by Medicare and have a doctor's prescription you can qualify for Single-Use through our Catheter Supply-Care Program. Click here for more information.


*Co-payments, deductibles and conditions apply.


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