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SpeediCath® Compact Catheter


Coloplast has recently developed one of the most innovative female catheters. The SpeediCath Compact - Ready when you are - catheter.

SpeediCath Compact® provides the utmost in discretion for the female catheter user. When unopened, the catheter package is no larger than a lipstick yet easily extends to provide you with one of the safest pre lubricated catheters available today. It is the perfect solution for convenience and discretion.

The SpeediCath® Compact provides the user with plenty of handling room so insertion is easy and completely hygienic. The catheter is fitted with an "easy-grip" handle that makes it easy to keep your fingers safely away from the sterile part of the catheter. This unique handle also improves user control aiding in easier insertion of the catheter.

This pre-hydrated catheter comes in a ready to use package. Just a quick twist to break the sterile seal and you have a catheter that is ready for use. Once finished, the catheter goes back into the outer container and you discard it discretely in any receptacle.

Liberator Medical has the inventory you need:
The SpeediCath® Compact comes in 8Fr to 14Fr sizes for the regular length and for those with a longer urethra SpeediCath® Compact Plus comes in 6Fr to 14Fr and every one of them can be hidden in the palm of your hand. Liberator Medical is ready to ship yours today!

Coloplast Products:
SpeediCath is commonly mis-spelled as spedicath, speedi cath (with a space) and speedycath. According to Coloplast, the manufacturer, it is known as "The SpeediCath Compact for Women". The model/part# for the 8FR is 28578, 10FR is 58580, 12FR is 28582 and the SpeediCath 14FR is 58584. We have a complete page with other Coloplast Urology products. Visit Products-Coloplast.

The Company For Your Catheter Needs:
Liberator Medical is a leading supplier of urology supplies and catheters. We carry a wide variety of male catheters and female catheters. These include a broad range of catheters and catheter supplies such as intermittent catheters, closed system catheters, external catheters, hydrophilic catheters, antibacterial catheters, condom catheters and much more.

Call Liberator Medical today at 1-888-244-0789 to learn more about our Catheter Supply-Care Program.

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