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Rusch Catheters maker of the "Pocket Catheter"

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Featured Product

FloCath Quick from Rusch
Click image for larger view
The Self-Lubricating catheter© - FloCath features a "Soft-Eye™ tip for ease of insertion and is made from high grade vinyl (PVC) containing no latex and comes in a compact, discrete package complete with integrated saline and thumb grip for easy opening.


FloCath Quick for Men (16")
220400060 6 FR A4351
2204000808 FR
22040010010 FR
22040012012 FR
22040014014 FR
22040016016 FR

FloCath Quick for Women (7")
220500060 6 FR A4351
220500080 8 FR
220500100 10 FR
220500120 12 FR
220500140 14 FR
220500160 16 FR

Rusch FloCath

FloCath from Rusch
Click image for larger view
The Self-Lubricating catheter© - FloCath features the same smooth, polished Soft-Eye technology and a gently tapered tip for a more comfortable, safer insertion as the Rusch EasyCathTM . The clear, highgrade medical PVC catheter eliminates any concerns of latex allergies. The hydrophilic coating reduces friction and tissue irritation that can occur with the use of uncoated catheters. The hydrophilic coating is easily activated by soaking the catheter in water for 30 seconds, eliminating possible contamination when applying lubricant to uncoated catheters.
FloCath for Men (16")
220800060 6 FR A4351
2208000808 FR
22080010010 FR
22080012012 FR
22080014014 FR
22080016016 FR

FloCath for Women (7")
220900060 14 FR A4351

FloCath Coude (16")
220850100 10 FR A4352
22085012012 FR
22085014014 FR
22085016016 FR

Rusch EasyCath

FloCath from Rusch
Click image for larger view
The EasyCath - also known as "The Pocket Catheter©" features smooth, polished Soft-Eye technology and a gently tapered tip for a more comfortable, safer insertion. The clear PVC material eliminates any concerns of latex allergies. A full line of Straight Tip, Coude Tip and Female lengths are available.
EasyCath Coude
(Straight Packaging)
EC103 10 FR 11" A4352
EC129 12 FR 16"
EC149 14 FR 16"

EasyCath Coude
(Curved Packaging)
EC123 12 FR 16" A4352
EC143 14 FR 16"
EC163 16 FR 16"
EasyCath Straight
(Straight Packaging)
Code Size/Length HCPCS
EC060 6 FR 11" A4351
EC080 8 FR 11"
EC100 10 FR 11"
EC121 12 FR 16"
EC140 (soft PVC) 14 FR 16"
EC141 14 FR 16"
EC161 16 FR 16"

EasyCath (Curved Packaging)
EC120 12 FR 16" A4351
EC140 14 FR 16"
EC160 16 FR 16"

EasyCath Straight
for Women - 7"
EC065 6 FR A4351
EC085 8 FR
EC105 10 FR
EC125 12 FR
EC144 no funnel 12 FR
EC145 14 FR
EC165 16 FR

Rusch Tiemann Catheters

Rusch Tiemann Catheter
Click image for larger view
221800120 12 FR A4352
22180014014 FR
22180016016 FR
22180018018 FR
22180020020 FR
22180022022 FR
22180024024 FR
The Rusch Tiemann Catheter line has been designed to be a helpful solution for difficult catheterization. An effective tiemann catheter needs a flexible curved tip but pliable shaft to help ease catheterization. Our Rusch Tiemann Catheters provide just that, being flexible with a curved tip and relatively stiffer shaft, making catheterization easier. Rusch achieves this by modeling the tip separately and then joining it to the shaft. The Tiemann Catheters are made of ERU® Siliconized PVC. Each tip is color coded indicating a specific size and the notch on the catheter funnel is used to show the tip position. Designed for single use only.

Rusch Red Rubber

Rusch Red Rubber Catheter
Click image for larger view
351010 10 FR A4351
351012 12 FR
351014 14 FR
35101616 FR
35101818 FR
35102020 FR
35102424 FR
35102828 FR
The Rusch Red Rubber Catheter.

Rusch/MMG Closed System

Rusch/MMG Closed Intermittent Catheter
Click image for larger view
RLA-62-3 6 FR A4353
RLA-82-38 FR
RLA-102-310 FR
RLA-122-312 FR
RLA-142-314 FR
RLA-162-316 FR
RLA-182-318 FR
Available in Coude and Red Rubber
in 12 FR, 14 FR & 16FR
The Rusch/MMG Closed Intermittent Catheter is the only clinically-proven closed system catheter to prevent urinary tract infections. For more than two decades, this product has protected individuals from recurrent UTI's. Simply remove the protective cap, load the pre-lubricated catheter into the Guardian Tip™ introducer, insert introducer into the urethra and pass catheter into the bladder. Available in a full range of sizes and styles (including Red Rubber), the Rusch/MMG can meet the needs of most all individuals using a closed system to manage their bladder.

Rusch MMG Hydrophilic Closed System

Rusch/MMG Closed System Catheter
Click image for larger view
20096060 6 FR A4353
200960808 FR
2009610010 FR
2009612012 FR
2009614014 FR
2009616016 FR
The MMG H20 Hydrophilic Closed System Catheter Kit maximizes patient comfort and reduces urethral trauma. The unique hydrophilic coating, activated by the integrated sterile 0.9% saline pouch, allows the MMG H20 to glide easily through the urethra. The soft silicone introducer protects the catheter from bacteria residing in the first few centimeters of the urethra, reducing the risk of urinary tract infection. The MMG H20 Hydrophilic Closed System Catheter Kit contains sterile non latex gloves, underpad, antiseptic towelette, gauze and refuse bag for convenient disposal.

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