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Female Urinary Catheter Insertion

Female catheter insertion is usually quite simple, but sometimes the urinary meatus is not in plain view, so it is important to insert the catheter directly into the meatus without contaminating the tip of the catheter.  Whether you are inserting an indwelling catheter or an intermittent catheter, the procedure will be the same for the insertion.  It is helpful if the nurse has an assistant, but one person can easily do it also.  You must have everything opened and ready to use, if one person is doing the procedure.

The catheter kit includes a sterile towel with a hole in it which allows you to keep a sterile field.  There are also a pair of sterile gloves and some providone swabs and some K-Y Jelly for lubrication.  For female catheter insertion, you will need her to lie flat on her legs with her knees bent and apart.  With your non-dominant gloved hand, gently move the labia apart.  If her urinary meatus isn’t in view, place your thumb about a half-inch from the clitoris and gently press inward and upward.  Once you see the meatus, cleanse the area with the providone swabs.  Use each one just once in an up to down motion. Wipe down each side and then down the middle.

With your dominant gloved hand pick up the catheter and dip the tip into the K-Y jelly.  Your non-dominant hand should still be holding the labia apart and the urinary meatus should be visible.  Gently insert the tip of the catheter into the meatus, and advance the catheter until you have backflow of urine. 

If the female catheter insertion is for a urine sample, the health professional will collect the urine in a sterile urine specimen container and then the catheter will be withdrawn.  However, if the catheterization was done with a Foley Catheter, the catheter will remain in place over a period of time.  The catheter will be connected to a collection bag.  The nurse will inflate the bulb with sterile water to secure it in place.

Liberator Medical Supply Is The Company To Turn To For All Of Your Catheter Needs:

Liberator Medical is a leading provider of urinary catheters and urological supplies, we provide you the urology products you need in a caring and helpful manner. We view each of our customers as a unique individual with specific needs, so our Catheter Supply-Care Specialists are trained to meet the customer’s needs in the most respectful and considerate way possible.

Our Liberator Medical catheter supplies include both female catheters and male catheters, offering you catheter supplies from all of the major urological manufacturers that you trust – Foley Catheters, Bard, Mentor, Coloplast, Cure, Hollister, Astra Tech, Rochester Medical, Rusch, Kendall, and Cure. Be sure to check out the new SpeediCath Compact female catheter.

We carry all types of catheters and catheter accessories such as indwelling catheters, intermittent catheters, external catheters, Texas or condom catheters, catheter bags, and more.

Our job at Liberator Medical is to fulfill it as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We understand that dealing with insurance companies and filling out paperwork is a tedious and difficult process, so simplify your life by using Liberator Medical to supply your urological needs.

We are an Accredited Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance provider that continues to help thousands of people qualify for their catheter supplies with no upfront costs! We handle all of your billing so you never have to fill out a claim form again. We deliver your urinary catheters and urological supplies right to your home with free shipping, and contact you when it’s time for you to reorder, so you have your catheter supplies when you need them at your door.  

If you’d like more information about Liberator Medical’s Catheter Supply-Care Program, call us toll-free today at 1-888-244-0789

*Co-payments, deductibles and conditions apply.



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Urgent Medical Update for Catheter Users.

Now Medicare, the Veterans Administration and the FDA all agree. Catheters should NOT be re-sterilized and reused. Click here to learn more about how to take advantage of this new alert...

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If you're covered by Medicare and have a doctor's prescription you can qualify for Single-Use through our Catheter Supply-Care Program. Click here for more information.


*Co-payments, deductibles and conditions apply.